Training Philosophy

Before horses were used in sport, they were used for work, transportation and war. Through the years horsemanship has evolved with both good and bad results for the horse. Horses are now used for amusement, and satisfying our human wants rather than needs.

I believe good horsemanship is demonstrated by putting the horse's needs first while understanding their anatomy and physiological makeup. Riding is an art whether doing dressage, show jumping or galloping cross-country. The horse and rider should always be in balance with each other mentally and physically to create a harmonious picture, not for the sake of the picture but for the welfare of the horse and rider.

Eric demonstrates extreme tact in his training and teaching. "I like to think of myself as a problem solver. First off, never approach a situation with an expectation. Always take in a new perception, take action, and then learn from the past reactions to build a positive experience that reaches understanding through consistency. Great results are achieved through patience, consistency and tact."

Eric is a USEA Certified Instructor and has a great reputation for making his lessons both fun and educational. "I believe that the rider needs to understand what exactly they are looking for. I think in today's fast paced culture, we are losing touch of our communicative skills with people let alone horses. I see more riders trying to ride an end result picture for the show ring rather than having a clear understanding of how or why you want a horse to go the way you want them to go. A money making industry is built around the fast track and instant gratification for horse owners and riders, from artificial aids to supplements, but nothing can replace good training."

Eric currently teaches and trains out of Renovatio Farm located in Tryon, North Carolina. In front of a beautiful mountain backdrop, Renovatio Farm offers all the amenities one can dream of and is centrally located to many Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, and Dressage shows. A location that suits comfort while riding 12 months of the year. Eric is also available for clinics. Contact him if you are interested in hosting one or check out the calendar to see where he might be next.  “My goal is to preserve a high standard of horsemanship while in competition, training and teaching others. Through a deep understanding of the horse and rider's makeup, one can make training very simple, so that both are comfortable, confident and happy.”

Available for:

Lessons (Private or Group)

Monthly Training
(Includes either horse ridden or lesson 5x a week)

Dressage, Show Jumping, and/or Cross-Country

Available for coaching at shows I attend. Check out my show schedule for availability.

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